This "pint-sized Picasso" is an art legend in the making at just 2

Like most 2-year-olds, little Lola June is only just learning how to form complete sentences and still enjoys the comfort of her bottle and teddy, but unlike her peers, the toddler is being hailed as a child art prodigy by the art community in New York. 

Dubbed the "pint-sized Picasso" by Good Morning America, the tot has just hosted a showing of 37 paintings at her very own exhibition called Hope at Chashama in NYC, selling her artwork for between $300 and $1 600 a piece. 

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Mom Lucille Javier had no idea about her 2-year-old's remarkable talent, which was brought to her attention by an artist friend and eventual curator of the Hope exhibition, Pajtim Osmanaj. 

“Her lines were so good. They reminded me of [American painter] Cy Twombly,” Pajtim said in an interview with the New York Post

Pajtim then suggested Lucille bring Lola into his studio, where he introduced the tot to acrylics and pastels. 

"In a very short time she created a large amount of artwork, which had then grabbed [the] attention of others who compared her work to other modern abstract artists," Pajtim said via Chashama gallery

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Pajtim took Lola's paintings to Chashama owner Anita Durst, who became very excited about showcasing Lola's art. 

"It's amazing," Anita told Good Morning America. "People have been calling us to buy her artwork and wanting to know how to get it and some stars have been coming in and buying her artwork."

But what does Lola think of her paintings? 

According to her mother, the unassuming little girl sees her paintings as her friends, greeting them with a kiss in the morning. And to her mentor, it's exactly this innocence that makes her artwork so brilliant and inspiring. 

"She's free and she doesn't care for the judgments from the outside world... she's not trying to be, she is." 

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