Hilarious video of toddler chatting on the phone is the best thing you’ll see all day

This hilarious video of a toddler speaking to her imaginary friend has gone viral – and we understand why!

Daisy Healy, a three-year-old from Dublin, Ireland was recorded on video by her dad as she had a hilariously animated make-believe telephone call with her great grandmother and baby cousin Hugo, Daily Mail reports.

The video – which was shared on YouTube on 5 November – has since gone viral, already getting 58 590 views.

Her dad Alan (39), has since started an entire channel dedicated to his little girl, called Crazy Daisy – the name given to her by teachers – sharing home videos of the babbling toddler, The Sun reports.

In the viral video Daisy can be heard saying, “I was just waving and then he keeps getting photos and it's very mad.”

“Do you know where I'm going? Yea I'm going to the park.”

Her lively little facial expressions as she shares her juicy gossip are what make the video so funny and adorable to watch.

Alan revealed he had no idea where Daisy picked up the habit of speaking that way on the phone as most of the family members rely on text rather than phone calls.

"I don't know where she's getting it from. It's her imagination,” she said.

He added while the little girl is shy initially, she really opens up once she gets to know someone.

“I’d often come into the sitting room and find her recreating a day in her crèche, with all the dolls sitting on chairs and Daisy playing the role of teacher,” he said.

“She actually hates when I take out the phone to record a video of her, so none of the videos have ever been staged,” he added.

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