"My friend went to get her son so he could eat and he wasn't there"

Recently, we published a story Protect your family from abduction. This Parent24 reader responded, telling us about her experience while eating out with friends. 

"I just read your article about child abductions and thought we'd share our story.

We were with our friends at a popular Sunday lunch venue in Muldersdrift. Our friends' little boy went to play on the jungle gym.

My friend went to get her son so he could come eat, and he wasn't there. She came back in a panic.

Our husbands were quick on their feet and ran in different directions calling his name as loudly as they could. He came running back from the parking lot and said he had just gone with his friend to go look at his friends car!

So scary! He is five years old.

We have also witnessed an older man filming children on the toddler bikes at a shopping mall in Randburg. When asked to please not film our children, he just got up and walked away, without taking anyone with him.

So strange! Why was he there filming children who aren't with him?"

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