His girlfriend asked him to do what? As far as unreasonable pregnancy requests go, this one's right up there

The discomfort of a transforming body and massive influx of hormones make pregnancy a real kicker

Sure, some men experience this to a lesser degree via phantom pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, aches, and fatigue, but they don't have to go through the whole nine. 

We'll leave it to each man to decide whether it's a blessing or a curse that they will never have to experience what it's like to grow a human, but for this man, the luxury of decision has been potentially stolen by his pregnant girlfriend. 

The mom-to-be wants her boyfriend to match her weight gain during pregnancy. 

The poor guy took to Reddit for advice about what to do. 

"Just last week my girlfriend found out that she’s pregnant. We are both gym rats and run and lift a lot but her question to me was startling. She asked me that while she’s pregnant to get fat with her. I really don’t want to lose my body but I am just so unsure about this. Anyone got tips?," he posted. 

Responses ranged in the 'no need to gain weight, just be kinder to your lady in her new temporary state' to the 'her request is completely ridiculous, say no'.

What's the most interesting request you got during your partner's pregnancy? Tell us by emailing to and we could publish your letter. Do let us know if you'd like to stay anonymous.  

Some sound advice 



It's just the insecurities talking

When building a human, fat is required

The experts weigh in 

According to experts at the University of Newcastle and University of Southampton, weight gain during pregnancy is not only normal, but it's also necessary for the health of a growing baby, and the recommended amount is dependant on a woman's weight and body mass index (BMI) before conception.

Their weight gain recommendations for women carrying a single baby goes from 18 kg for the underweight (BMI 18.5 and less) to 9 kg for the overweight (BMI 30 and more). 

It's not all fat 

A few responses mention that just because a woman gains weight during pregnancy doesn't mean it's all in fat. 

Data published by the Institute of Medicine reveals that "water contributes approximately 62% of the total gain at term, fat contributes 30%, and protein contributes 8%." 

Weight gain is also impacted by the increase in blood volume, a growing uterus, a newly introduced organ, the placenta, and of course, the growing fetus. 

Help for dad  

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What's the most interesting request you got during your partner's pregnancy? Tell us by emailing to and we could publish your letter. Do let us know if you'd like to stay anonymous.  

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