These are the most anticipated baby names for 2019!

If you’re welcoming a little one next year, then you should probably take a look at the list of baby names below.

The BabyCenter has recently released a list of what it predicts will be the trendiest baby names for 2019.

From the unique and uncommon to the classic and well-known, here are the most popular baby names anticipated:

TV show names

For this first time the names Aria/Arya from the popular series Game of Thrones broke into the top 10, Metro writes.

Names such as Julia and David from BBC’s Bodyguard also made it on the list.

Back to the ’70s

Brian, Barry and Patricia are all making a comeback as well as Cliff, Christine and Susan, according to Baby Gaga.  

Holiday destinations

The BabyCenter also predicts that faraway-destination names will be a huge hit in 2019.

Names such as Cairo, Dallas, Israel, and India have all risen in popularity.

Cartoon inspiration

The name Peter, derived from the character Peter Rabbit, is expected to top the ranks.

Names such as Ryder, Chase, Marshall and Rocks from hit kids show Paw Patrol will also make waves next year.

Sources: BabyCenter, Metro, Baby Gaga