Eric and 29 other strong baby names for boys

Deciding on a suitable name for your baby boy can be a challenging exercise. Do you opt for something that sounds interesting and different or do you look for the deeper meaning and origin in a name?

Put yourself in your child's shoes for a moment and think about whether you would feel comfortable being called by a certain name. Remember, the name you give your child stays with him for the rest of his life. You wouldn't want him to be mortified at the idea of introducing himself to others.

We've put together 30 of names for boys with strength and valour in their meanings.

1. Ajay

Meaning: Unconquered

Origin: Sanskrit

2. Akbar

Meaning: Powerful

Origin: Arabic

3. Alexander

Meaning: Defender of men

Origin: Greek, Latin

4. Butholezwe

Meaning: Soldier or warrior of the nation

Origin: Ndebele

5. Dilawar

Meaning: Brave, valiant, intrepid, one who has heart

Origin: Indian, Hindu

6. Eric

Meaning: Eternal ruler

Origin: Norse

7. Ethan

Meaning: Strong, safe, firm

Origin: Hebrew, Latin

8. Fezile

Meaning: Accomplished

Origin: Xhosa

9. Hafeez

Meaning: Protector, custodian, guardian

Origin: Arabic

10. Hal

Meaning: Leader of an army

Origin: English

11. Haroon

Meaning: Chief, protector, guard

Origin: Arabic

12. Hlompho

Meaning: Respect

Origin: Sesotho

13. Imran

Meaning: Powerful, exalted nation

Origin: Indian, Arabic

14. Igor

Meaning: Heroic

Origin: Russian

15. Jahangir

Meaning: King of Universe

Origin: Indian, Persian

16. Javed

Meaning: Immortal, eternal

Origin: Indian, Persian

17. Jongikhaya

Meaning: Watching over the home

Origin: Xhosa

18. Ken

Meaning: Born of Fire

Origin: Gaelic

19. Khabane

Meaning: Valuable, precious, warrior

Origin: Sesotho

20. Khalid

Meaning: Creator, immortal, eternal

Origin: Indian, Arabic

21. Mkhokeli

Meaning: Leader

Origin: Xhosa


Meaning: Success

Origin: Zulu

23. Nkwe

Meaning: Tiger

Origin: Sesotho

24. Phumelele

Meaning: Succeeded

Origin: Xhosa

25. Razak

Meaning: Protector; devotee

Origin: Indian, African, Arabic

26. Rex

Meaning: King

Origin: Latin

27. Sacha

Meaning: Protector of Man

Origin: Greek

28. Siphamandla

Meaning: Give us strength

Origin: Zulu

29. Wyatt

Meaning: Little warrior, brave in war

Origin: French

30. Zafir

Meaning: Victorious, triumphant one

Origin: Arabic

Do you have any strong names you think should be included in our list? See our details below and send us your suggestions. If you know the origin and meaning please include that in your mail.

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