Woman spends 63 days pumping breast milk for donation after son’s death

The loss of a child is an everlasting scar, one that many parents spend their entire lives mourning.

Because of a rare genetic disease known as Trisomy 18, which affects normal development, Sierra Strangfield from Neilsville, Wisconsin in the US, went into early labour and gave birth to her son, Samuel, at just 25 weeks, according to Fox News.

Although she was devastated after the baby died just three hours after his birth, Sierra decided she wanted to do something to honour his memory and spent 63 days pumping breast milk, which she hoped would help other women and their newborns.

“When I found out I was pregnant again, I wanted nothing more than to be successful at breastfeeding,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Before Samuel passed, I told myself I’d pump my milk to donate. After all, [my daughter] Porter was given donated milk more than half of her first year of life!”

Though she couldn’t save Samuel, she hoped to “save another baby’s life”.

And so on 7 November, which was meant to be her son’s birthday, Sierra donated the milk to neo-natal milk banks.

“Walking through the hallways of the hospital was just another step in healing. And I know, because I felt him, that Samuel was there with me.”

 (Photo: Facebook/Sierra Strangfield)
 (Photo: Facebook/Sierra Strangfield)

Sources: FoxNews, The Sun, Facebook page

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