Study reveals one of kids’ top dream jobs is to be a YouTube influencer

A survey about what children want to be when they grow up has revealed the changing landscape of the working world!

According to research from Hoop, a family activities app, girls are interested in pursuing a career in science, while boys want to become YouTube stars.

They surveyed 1 000 children under the age of 16 and asked them the question, “What do you want to do be when you grow up?”

Girls craved STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers, with veterinarian, doctor and nurse appearing in the top 10 choices.

Scientist has also entered the careers list for girls for the first time, according to the app, while teaching took the top spot.

Meanwhile, boys are more focused on “the spotlight,” dreaming of becoming footballers, policeman and vloggers.

As a sign of the times, vlogging is the third top career choice for boys, with becoming an influencer on YouTube a dream for many.

Computer-game designer/tester also made the top 10.

“Career influences come from a number of sources, and the push on STEM activity within schools has clearly had a huge impact,” said Max Jennings, co-founder of Hoop.

Look at the list here:

Dream Jobs of Modern Boys                                  

1. Footballer                                                                                 

2. Police officer                                                                               

3. YouTuber/vlogger                                                                     

4. Teacher                                                                                         

5. Fire officer                                                                             

6. Engineer                                                                             

7. Doctor                                                                                       

8. Pilot                                                                                                  

9. Veterinarian                                                                         

10. Computer-game designer/tester 

 Dream Jobs of Modern Girls

1. Teacher

2. Veterinarian

3. Doctor

4. Nurse

5. Actress

6. Scientist

7. Artist

8. Ballerina

9. Singer/pop star/rock star

10. Author/writer

Sources: Hoop, Metro, BBC