WATCH: Local teen brilliantly explains what is wrong with South African society today

As a students at a local boys school, 16 year old Cam can no longer take the insensitivity and toxic masculinity he faces on a daily basis. 

Compelled by the tragic headlines making the news over the past weeks, the teen took to Youtube to both condemn and unpack what he believes to be the root cause of the current crisis of gender-based violence we face in South Africa today. 

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He brilliantly explains the issue of rape culture as one that is "much more intertwined with our society than you think."

Addressing his message to "all the men who think they're not part of the problem, to the men who get offended by being called trash, to the men who think women are busy overreacting and most importantly to the men who care about this issue", he delves into his and his peers experience. 

Watch his hard-hitting talk on YouTube or below: 

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