Toxic parenting styles we're leaving with our parents

No matter how much we love and care for our parents or how strong our relationship with them is, we all have things we wish they would or wouldn't do. Some people don't have a good relationship with their parents at all and may probably have several things they would like to change as parents themselves.

These could be about how they treated you, raised you, or the kind of things they valued and emphasised. 

Whether it is big or small, we're not exactly going to agree with all of our parents' parenting philosophies. And neither would our children agree with everything we do.

What parenting style of your parents have you refused to carry with you? Send us your comments and we could publish them. Do let us know if you'd like to remain anonymous. 

Let's not forget that parents, like anyone else, are flawed human beings and becoming a parent does not clear you of those flaws. Just like anyone else, parents should work towards bettering themselves if they have issues or could grow in certain areas.

It seems that some parents are set in their ways and carry parenting styles and habits from their own parents instead of changing some of the things they didn't enjoy from their childhood.

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Just as being a parent doesn't exclude you from being a flawed human being, it doesn't excuse you from inflicting toxic habits into your child's life either. 

A Twitter user raised the question of toxic parenting styles, asking fellow users, "What is a toxic parenting style you are leaving with your parents?" to which he himself said "I will never compare my children to other people's kids."

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