Chrissy Teigen talks social media, mom life and why her marriage to John Legend works in recent interview

"She’s very opinionated... But what I love most about Chrissy is that she’s very much herself. She may be glamorous and an icon in elegance, but she’s extremely approachable and warm. And above all, she’s a very proud mother and a tremendously supportive wife. I admire her so much." 

Chef Eric Ripert hit the nail on the head when he penned this write-up for Chrissy Teigen's feature on Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People of 2019 list. 

She is indeed glamorous, honest and unabashedly herself, and in a recent interview with digital magazine, NET-A-PORTER, it became even more apparent why the mom of two made it onto the esteemed list, opening up about marriage, life as a mom and her love/hate relationship with social media. 

Infamous for her quick-witted responses on social media, Chrissy shared that her clap backs are often "just heat of the moment and sometimes regrettable," but it's exactly this quality that makes her so relatable. 

The former model has left no parenting topic unturned, sharing everything from her IVF journey, post-baby struggles, and embarrassing moments via social media, acknowledging that for both husband John Legend and herself, no topic is off limits apart from the kids. 

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Do you share Chrissy's take on being careful about posting potentially embarrassing images of your children online? Tell us your opinion and we could publish your comments. 

“There’s nothing that happens that we really feel we can’t post,” she said, "We don’t want to post pictures of the kids that they may see in ten years and be embarrassed by, but that’s it. We’re not pretending that life is perfect." 

Life may not be perfect for the couple but it's pretty close, with Chrissy saying that the reason her marriage to John works so well is because they're the epitome of opposites attract. 

"John and I believe a lot of different things. He shares his view, I’ll explain mine... He knows everything I don’t know. I know everything he doesn’t know! That’s why it works."

But as outspoken as she's been about her life online, Chrissy confessed she's not immune to being disliked. 

"Sometimes I will scroll through [comments] and I will just keep reading and reading the positive ones until I find something negative. And then I’ll stop, and I’ll be mad, or sad... It’s funny when everyone thinks you’re so tough and things just roll off your back and you don’t care... And it sucks when people don’t like you." 

Suck as it may, there's no keeping Mrs Legend down, who will forever own the title of funniest celeb mom, something she's clearly passed on to her daughter, Luna. 

Every bit as confident and opinionated as her mom, here's Luna explaining why only girls can be beautiful, and only boys can be cute. 

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Do you share Chrissy's take on being careful about posting potentially embarrassing images of your children online? Tell us your opinion and we could publish your comments. 

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