A furious mom's open letter to all mothers-in-law

Mother-of-two Marissa De Wet* wrote to YOU after her daughter's struggle with her husband's mom became too much to bear.

"I am the parent of two children. I have a daughter who is 30 years old and a son who is 28 years old and both are married with children

In my whole life I’ve never needed to tell my children how bad they are.

No, my two children are hardworking and willing to get their hands dirty, but unfortunately my daughter has a mother-in-law who doesn’t like her at all.

From the time my daughter and her son started dating she never had anything good to say.

She’s always being told how fat she is and that she doesn’t know how to raise her child properly.

To the mothers-in-law who have nothing good to say about their daughter-in-laws, I want to say: keep it to yourself.

You hurt us as parents when you say bad things about our children and if you continue in your ways you’ll never see your grandchildren grow up and you’ll become old and lonely.


From a mother to a mother-in-law"

*Names have been changed.