WATCH: What is the grossest thing your child’s ever done? Kim K, J-Lo, Scarlett and other celeb moms share

Eating their boogers, playing with poop and removing old, dried, already-chewed gum from underneath the table to have their own go at it – these are just a few of the grossest truths that came from Kristen Bell’s latest episode of her #Momsplaining web series.

“You guys are really nothing but a walking petri dish, full of faeces and love,” she says. And we can totally relate!

What is the grossest thing your child’s ever done? Tell us by emailing and we may publish your comments.

The mother of two interviewed a few kids and their moms to find out what the grossest thing they'd ever done was, admitting that her little girls can be pretty gross themselves. She says she often has to explain to her kids that boogers are to be disposed of. “‘No, your body’s trying to let that go’,” she'd tell them. But when they let it go (get it? Hah!), they pretty much just end up plucking it all over the house.

“My older one said, ‘I have a booger – I’m going to put it in the trash.’ And the little one said, ‘Da tras? I just put ‘em on da house.’”

Other celeb moms shared the grossest things their kids have done too. Here are a few diamonds:

Kelly Clarkson: “The grossest thing, hands down, that not only my kid has ever done but any kid I’ve ever heard of has, is he picked up our puppy’s dog poop, put it in his hands and played with it... and applied it in his mouth. And another time he skated in it. He just found some poop somewhere and just skated in it.”

Scarlett Johansson: “The grossest thing my daughter’s ever done... she went to use the bathroom and all of a sudden I heard this kind of like, ‘What happened?!’ or whatever. I ran into the bathroom, there was poop all over the floor, like on the wall. I somehow had also stepped in it – it was on my feet – and as I stood there shocked… my dog came in and started eating my daughter’s poop.”

Kim Kardashian West: “The grossest thing my kid has probably ever done, maybe, is stick her toothbrush in the toilet bowl before she brushed her teeth. Or it could be eating dog food.”

Jennifer Lopez: “Probably when they were babies and they used to do that projectile vomit thing. I used to remember holding them out and then just… gross.”


Do your kids have a weird and totally gross fascination with playing, eating and skating in their poop? What about the booger thing? Have your walls mysteriously been adorned with emerald diamonds? What is the grossest thing your child’s ever done? Tell us by emailing and we may publish your comments.

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