WATCH: This dad makes 3D cardboard replicas of arcade games to minimise his kids' screentime, and they're pretty impressive

If you've ever purchased an expensive toy only to have your child play with the cardboard packaging, you'll appreciate the true genius this dad's DIY toys really are. 

Known to his 2.3 million followers as Douyin, the Chinese dad uses cardboard to make 3D versions of old-school games like Tetris, Arcade-like Pinball Machines and maze games, and they're amazingly elaborate. 

The father was featured on South China Morning Post and shared the back story to his impressive skills, which he says comes from a combination of a long-standing love of creating things, and wanting his children to spend less time in front of screens. 

"I make toys so that children use their phones less, to give them a special childhood," explained the dad, who plans on converting his passion into an online business. 

See his incredible creations in the video below: 

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