Readers respond to the use of fidget spinners in schools

Crazes come and go. 

But this latest trend, fidget spinners, takes the cake for being simultaneously hated and loved by parents and teachers alike. 

The device has been marketed as an aid for jittery learners who are unable to focus without some kind of distraction. 

But the irony is that as much as it has helped some, it has also hindered others. 

With scores of learners falsely claiming to 'need' the device when in the classroom. 

Earlier this month we published "WATCH: Teachers react to fidget spinners," in which a teacher discusses the craze and the feedback he's received from both the teaching and non-teaching community. 

Opinions are divided, here's what readers had to say:

A time and a place 

Majority rules

Possibly life threatening?

Brutal honesty 

What are your thoughts, parents? Has your kids had a positive or negative experience with fidget spinners? Share your stories with us by emailing to and we may publish your story. Should you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know.