Clean Up Your Room Day: The parent friendly random holiday

So, it’s Clean Up Your Room Day, another one of those random, yet fun commemorative days without an actual origin or valid reason for being.

But do we really need a reason to get cleaning? 

The day is celebrated by, yes you guessed it, cleaning up your room. 

In many ways, by teaching your children good cleaning habits  you also teach them good values  like being responsible, good hygiene, tackling challenges and accomplishing a goal 

Here are some fun ways you can get your kids to 'celebrate' the day

1. Get the tunes pumping 

Music is an excellent motivator, get the kids to select their favourite songs and pump up the volume - they could use earphones if you dont want them to make too much noise. 

2.Stash little treats 

Hide treats or money around the room in areas you'd like them to focus on - this could be a fun surprise when making up their beds, or clearing away piles of clothes. 

3.Play pile up

Task the children with collecting all toys, clothes and shoes scattered around their room, have them place everything in one huge pile. Sort the pile by letting them choose which item they want to return to its place, or in the washing basket. 

4. Friendly competition

Turn tedious chores into fun games, children could challenge each other to see who's the fastest. Stick up a check-list and have them add their initials instead of ticks - whoever wins get's a prize. 

5. Play make believe 

Have them pretend that they're a secret agent carrying out a very important mission, or a dust buster destroying grime, whatever gets them excited and less focused on how much effort is required. 

6. Sock it to em'

Re-purpose old socks as hand dusters, have them put a sock on each hand and direct them to what needs dusting (be sure they don't confuse all their socks for cleaning tools though) 

7. Make it a sprint not a marathon 

Keeping cleaning sessions short but consistent is ideal so they won't be put off by the size of the task. 

Remember to keep chores doable, use age appropriate charts, like this one  for an idea of what is suitable for your child.

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