Meet the cute NYE twins born minutes apart, in different decades

This heartwarming snap shows the twins born in different decades - after one of the pair was born just before midnight on New Year's Eve and the other moments after the stroke of twelve.

According to doctors at the Frankfurter Buergerhospital in the German city of Frankfurt, little Leon was born on 31st December last year at 11:24 pm, while his twin brother Noel was born exactly one hour later on 1st January 2020 at 12:24 am.

That means not only did the twins get to celebrate their birthdays on separate days, but they were also born in separate years - and decades - despite just an hour separating them.

This picture was posted this week by the hospital on their Facebook page, where they said that the parents were overjoyed at their sweet new babies. In the comments, the hospital added: "The most important thing is both babies are doing well."

Twins Noel and Leon born in different decades at a

Explaining why they decided to call them Noel and Leon, the parents said that Noel had the letters the right way leading into the year, and her brother had the same letters but arranged the other way.

The picture was reportedly taken shortly after their birth, showing both babies sleeping peacefully with Christmas hats on.

Source: Magazine Features

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