Tot tries mango for the first time and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see all day!

Who knows how to eat a mango really? 

Suck, nibble, bite or chew? We’re not quite sure which method works best, but this adorable tot shows us that the best way to enjoy a mango is entirely up to you.

In a video that’s since gone viral on Twitter, the toddler can be seen sucking on a juicy mango and her reaction to the fruit is priceless!

The little girl, whose name is Ivy, smiles and giggles as she tucks into the fruit with the help of her mother.

The clip, which was posted by the toddler’s aunt with the caption “here’s a video of my niece trying a mango for the first time”, has received over 1.3 million views.

Users online couldn’t get enough with one commenting, “She’s so beautiful, I can’t stand it.”

Baby Ivy. (PHOTO: Twitter/@ReeseTrece)

“Omg she’s such a cutie! Look at that face after the first tasting! Like . . . WHOAAAAAA!” another commented.

“Thank you everyone. Her name is Ivy and she’s my one and only niece since my little brother passed away two months before her birth. I’m so grateful for her mother @LissetjRomero for being so strong and raising this little angel all on her own (with my family’s support of course),” her aunt wrote in response to the overwhelming reaction online.

The little mango novice is probably the cutest thing you’ll see all day!

Baby Ivy. (PHOTO: Twitter/@ReeseTrece)

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