This baby’s hair turns heads wherever he goes

Baby Boston is only 4 months old, but he already has a stunning, envy-worthy head of hair.

Little Boston’s mom, Tara Simich from Perth, Australia, recently shared a series of pictures on Instagram showing off his huge mop of hair.

The mom of two says her son’s hair causes a frenzy wherever he goes.

“It stops people in their tracks,” Tara told “He really causes a stir wherever he goes.

“Mostly people are in complete shock because he’s so little – they can’t believe the hair is his. But it is.”

Tara, who runs a fitness program called Jungle Body, says Boston was born with an impressive head of hair.

“He has hair exactly like his dad’s,” she says.

Tara’s followers on social media have expressed their awe over his mop of hair, The Sun reports.

“What a cutie! I’ve never seen locks like it,” one commented.

“Omgosh [sic] that amazing head of hair,” another wrote.

Sources:, The Sun, The Queensland Times