7 Valuable things no one tells you as a new mom

There are some things a baby book just won’t tell you. The best advice I can give (as a new mom) is to just trust your body and the experts. Experiment if you find something isn’t working for you and your baby. You have to find your own rhythm and way of doing things now.

I had a natural birth and here are a few things I experienced just after Luke was born.

If you’ve had stitches…

…don’t be afraid to have a look and see how they are healing! It’s your body and you need to know what’s going on down there. On a few occasions I plonked myself down on the bathroom floor in front of the mirror to have a good look.

What you take in is what your baby gets out

When breast feeding be careful what you eat and drink as what you take in is what your baby is going to be feeding on as well. This didn’t really hit home for me until one day I had a total craving for milk and drank a litre at one go. Poor Luke got so sick because it was just too rich for him.

Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins!

Don’t stop taking vitamins now that baby is born. Remember - baby is taking just as much out of you now as when you were pregnant, either by breast feeding or just sleepless nights.

Sleep when baby is sleeping

This was the best piece of advice I ever received. Don’t try and be superwoman,  particularly for the first few weeks and especially because baby is not yet in a proper routine. Take it easy and relax – forget the house work and look after yourself and little one.

Slow down there!

Don’t go walking around too quickly. I know you are just going to want to get out of the house but if you have stitches – TAKE IT EASY – too much walking too quickly will only make the stitches pull and that is VERY uncomfortable (been there, done that).

Pack away the perfume

Until baby’s eyes can focus properly, the only way he’ll know you is by smell so don’t wear any perfumes or strong smelling creams for the first few weeks.

And lastly, enjoy every second with your baby (from the moment you find out you’re pregnant). Not only is your baby a gift from God but because every moment and every experience is unique and you’ll never get it back! A loved child is a healthy child.

Is there anything that the books just couldn't tell you about being a new mom?