Awesome Olympics dad moment

The media is buzzing with what has been called everything from "the greatest interview ever" to the "media moment of the 2012 Olympics". Following South African swimmer Chad Le Clos' mighty victory in the 200m butterfly, the BBC interviewed his father, proud dad Bert, whose enthusiasm bounced off the screen with such passion, that he has been called "the greatest Olympic dad ever", and "the world's proudest parent". Wow. Strong words, but, when you see the video, you can understand the enthusiasm.

The dreams of a child come true

Chad Le Clos' victory is also remarkable for another reason: At 12-years-old, he watched swimmer Michael Phelps take gold in the Athens Olympics. Now, 8 years later, he beat Phelps, the most decorated Olympian ever, in a nail-biting finish which stunned spectators, commentators and the entire sporting world.

The Bert Le Clos can be heard to say "unbelievable" 7 times in the space of one minute, and gushes about his "beautiful" son. What a lovely parenting moment to have captured.

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In the same way that Phelps inspired kids to become swimmers in previous games, it's almost certain that Chad Le Clos is going to be responsible for boosting the sales of swimming costumes as kids the world over dream of him passing the torch to them one day, too.

Well done to our SA kid who has achieved a lifetime's dream, and to the amazingly supportive dad who helped him get there!

Are your kids inspired by sporting victories like this?