"Your double chin is disgusting!"

"Look at this article The Daily Mail posted about 'The Most Beautiful Woman in the World' who now has a double chin after giving birth," said Parent24's editor, Scott. "Apparently her fans are furious about it."


I read through the article and in all honesty, I had the urge to put my fist through my monitor. Comments like "she's letting her fans down" and "Aishwarya owes it to her fans to get her pre-pregnancy body back" made me want to scream.

It also made me realise that the human race can be disgusting.

Where does anyone, even a celebrity's "fans" (and some fans they are!), get the right to tell a new mother that she must lose the baby weight as soon as she's done pushing? No-one ever has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body. Whether she's a celebrity, a new mom or just a regular woman going about her day.

The worst part of the story about Aishwarya and her "double chin" is that she's being told to look to people like Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham who were back to size 0 just months after popping out a baby. No, no, no! These woman are skeletal thin and should not be role models for anyone when it comes to weight management!

Why can't the world accept that not every living woman needs to be toothpick thin? Can bigger woman not be beautiful? Do we all have to look like Angelina Jolie to be worth anything?

It breaks my heart and makes me sick.

What does Hollywood think?

Even Scarlett Johansson, who is not yet a mother herself, has spoken out about the way new mothers are treated on the front pages of tabloids. She updated her blog on The Huffington Post and was clearly more than disgusted with those who push new mothers to bounce right back after giving birth.

I recently wrote a piece about how much I loved Beyoncé's post-baby body now matter how much flack she got for it. She worked hard at getting her weight down but she still has those mommy-curves which are super sexy if you ask me.

So obviously, I'm sick of the superficial nonsense that forces woman to want to diet while pregnant or makes women feel like less than dirt if they aren't super skinny straight after giving birth. It's sad and heartbreaking. Just relish in your baby, moms. Feed them, love them, rest your body after it's 9 months of intense change. Just be who you are.

And as for you Hollywood and the spawn you've created - Just stop it. Please.

Do you think woman should be back in shape right after birth?