WATCH: A gentle C-section

(Warning: Not for sensitive viewers.)

Yesterday I read an article on The Stir about Gentle C-sections and was as confused as you are now. It's being touted as a "new alternative" to what they call a traditional C-section. This is how JoAnn Crohn birth experience Was described:

"JoAnn's chest was covered with a blue sheet and her husband, Josh, was brought in to hold her hand. After a few moments of pressure when her doctor made the incision, JoAnn heard her son cry.

"Both Josh and Dude stayed with JoAnn through the rest of the procedure, then they headed back to their hospital room together. From start to finish, the procedure took an hour. 'It was the same time as my first C-section,' JoAnn says, 'but the atmosphere was so different. It was more lighthearted. I didn't feel robbed in the slightest.'"

Basically it's where the father is present from start to finish and the baby is given to mom immediately after weighing and measuring has been done and she can breastfeed as soon as they're in recovery. 

Is it just me or does that sound pretty standard? Because that is exactly what my elective C-section was like. It wasn't something I needed to request, it is just the way it's done at the hospital I went to.

This obviously isn't what happens in an emergency C-section because there is the a high risk to both mom and baby and the doctors are just trying to get baby out.

I think the way C-sections are done in South Africa have come a long way in the 27 years since my mother had an elective C-section. When asked she said my brother was taken from her after he was born to another room with my father and she only got him back once she was back in the ward. And this may be how they still do it in The United States, which is why this "gentle" family-orientated approach is appealing to them.

My experience, like JoAnn's, was relaxed and I did not feel like it was any less of a miracle than if I had given birth naturally. It wasn't stressful at all, it was quick, the paediatrician was a very reassuring presence right there talking me through it all. Yes, it was major surgery but it was, I suppose in a word, gentle. 

Venezuelan gynaecologist, Dr. Jham Frank Lugo shared this gentle c-section video on his Instagram page and it's incredible to watch:

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But that was just my experience with a C-section and even if that was the way they were done at Chris Barnard Memorial, is doesn't mean it rings true for other electives in South Africa.

What was your elective C-section like?

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Christina Pheiffer 2015/04/23 01:01:34 PM
I had the same experience with both my sons.i felt involved in the whole process.from the anasteteologist holding my hand before my husbad came in to my dr and pead joking with me.having my husband there all the way,having my baby skin to skin from after being cleaned through recovery and into the ward.i had the best do it again in a heartbeat
Lori Reardon 2015/04/28 12:25:07 PM
I too had a gentle c/s in May last year with my daughter. I had had two previous c sections with my sons but the gentle c/s was absolutely amazing!!! I honestly came through the procedure feeling as if I'd delivered my daughter with complete ease and far more connected during the procedure. My little girl came out peacefully and a beautiful pink colour. This was my husband's first experience of a c section as his first wife had delivered naturally and he couldn't believe how wonderful our little girl's birth was in comparison. Post op, I had little to no bruising and my scar healed very quickly. I'm so grateful to have experienced a birth as wonderful as this!
Bri 2015/04/29 08:36:58 AM
Seems standard. My daughter was an emergency C-Section, her heart rate was dropping too quickly and that was pretty hectic, they had me prepped and her out within 10 minutes. They did all there checks and put her in my arms. I was obviously still buzzing from distress and drugs. They pretty much hacked me, under the circumstances who can blame them, I had a pretty nasty scar which never bothered me because it was our story, hers and mine. My son was an elective C-section - everything was calm and they took their time. There was lots of laughing and the vibe was very relaxed. They took their time cutting and my son was there - unfortunately he was slightly blue and not crying - they rushed him away. I never got a proper look or a little touch. I only got to see my honey boy 24 hours later which killed me and he spent 4 days in ICU.