5 recipes for chocolate lovers

Roll up your sleeves and pull out the aprons! We’ve rounded up the best chocolate recipes to tickle the fancy of even the fussiest little eaters. So have some fun with your toddler in the kitchen while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Chocolate Easter eggs

Instead of going out and buying Easter eggs, why not make your own? With only 20mins preparation time and a choice between cooking chocolate or dark chocolate, there’s no better way to enjoy it, but by making your own. This recipe will leave your toddler licking their fingers.

Dark chocolate truffles

If you’re not a serial chocolate eater or you scared for your little one’s teeth, then this recipe should be perfect for you.  The truffles can be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks which means you don’t have to eat it all at once and you can even add flavourings of your choice.

Chocolate pancakes

Do you like chocolate, but you don’t love it? Now you can enjoy a chocolate flavour, but without real chocolate. With cocoa and a caramel filling, this recipe is guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Easter egg ice cream

Having Ice cream and chocolate in the same bowl is any toddler’s dream. With only 5 minutes preparation time and three ingredients, it’s easy on the budget and saves mom a lot of time.

Chocolate mousse in Easter eggs nest

So you’ve already bought Easter eggs, but they seem a bit plain and boring? You can still give it some je ne sais quoi by letting your toddler add toppings such as berries or Smarties.

Do you have any chocolate recipes and tips?