Want to be a parent? You should adopt!

Here’s a concept that will probably get you thinking: An article by Tauriq Moosa proposes that, logically-speaking, given the current conditions in the world, would-be parents should adopt kids rather than create them.

His argument is based on these three points:

1.    If you are able and willing to have a child to love,
2.    And if the world is such that orphaned children exist, who require homes with people who are able and willing to be parents,
3.    Then you ought to adopt - and not create - a child to love.

The problem, Moosa says, comes in defining parenthood. Parenthood isn’t merely a biological act, but also a symbolic series of acts. It’s possible to create a child and, as a result, claim parenthood. He goes on to point out that this doesn’t necessarily imply that being biological parents will offer the child any quality of life, but that this comes through symbolic parenting- acts of loving, caring for protection of and nurturing a child. Symbolic parenting is just as well-performed by adoptive parents.

There are plenty of orphaned children, and this, combined with overpopulation, misery and environmental challenges should provoke would-be parents into considering that they could be great parents without having to create more children themselves, but by the process of adoption.

Help existing kids before non-existent ones

Citing people who “just want their genes to continue”, Moosa counters that it just doesn’t make sense- our legacy as parents comes about by our actions, not by our blood.

“There is no good reason to create children, when adopting a child can cater for the needs and desires of parents – aside from the morally irrelevant desire to see one’s genes spread.

More importantly, by doing so, in many instances, we are able to help existing children who actually are capable of suffering and joy – unlike potential children who, by definition, do not exist.”- Tauriq Moosa

His final point is that some people are disqualified from adopting by strict laws, but that perhaps this is reason enough to reconsider wanting to create a child, too, as the laws exist to provide a safe, secure environment for children. He adds, somewhat wryly, that the argument that the human race would become extinct if we all adopted isn’t a valid one, either, as the human race is probably headed for extinction anyway!

What do you think- should would-be parents consider adoption before reproduction?
Eva Walle 2012/04/10 09:46:51 AM
What about having your own the first time and then adopting a 2nd or even 3rd if you so wish and if you can afford it? Just my 2 cents ...
Genevieve KomboKitten Lesch 2012/04/10 09:50:44 AM
damn straight!!
Lyndall Blake 2012/04/10 10:49:37 AM
It's easy to say one should adopt but actually trying to adopt a baby in South Africa is a hard and long process which costs a lot of money. I've looked into it and called various people with regards to this matter and it came down to the fact that to adopt a baby is very difficult with a lot of risk factors involved.
Johan Vermaak 2012/04/10 01:15:26 PM
Here's an idea... impose a law where you're not allowed to have more than 2 children, then you can have your own. I think it is completely absurd to expect people to adopt rather than have their own and others are left to breed. "our legacy as parents comes about by our actions, not by our blood." What about genetics? It influences the child more than parenthood. You can be the best parent, but if the child has a family history of some sort of psychosis, it will present itself in later years. So no. I will not be adopting. A better way to deal with the "rabbit effect" that is going on at the moment, is by imposing a cap to the amount of children you may have.
Kirsten Doyle 2012/04/10 02:20:35 PM
Totally disagree, some people want a child of their own flesh and blood and there is nothing wrong with that. I fail to see why people having more children than they can afford to feed and educate, should limit me from having children of my own if I want to.
Danie Haasbroek 2012/04/10 05:07:14 PM
Once again people are urged (or rather told) to be "responsible" and mop up the mess created by the irresponsible. I'm sure Mr Moosa already adopted his one or three to lead by example. Well I won't. I don't want a black baby, a coloured, indian, chinese or white baby that's not mine if I can have my own genes represented in my bloodline. It's not just instinct, but also my choice. The difference between me and the majority of parents of those so-called "orphans" (especially in SA) is that I will actually BE responsible as a parent. It is very unfortunate, but the word "orphan" is too easily used in this country, those poor kids should rather be called "abandons". Thanks Moosa, but screw you pal - get your government to fix that.
Shaun.xexo 2012/04/11 09:41:18 AM
I cannot agree with this, my father was adopted and my "Ouma" has always been my favourite Grandmother even though she is not blood.... However, I cannot and will not assume responsibility for the fruit of someone else's loins... Just like the little kid on the side of the road begging, IT IS NOT MY PROBLEM!!! Sounds cruel, but charity starts at home and with the amount of money the government is stealing from my already burdened salary I will not be adopting the spawn of another man... My genetics or nothing.. simple.... Ooorah
Bertus Joubert 2012/04/11 11:28:01 AM
I am an adopted child so I cannot be objective but I totally agree
Jared Drake 2012/05/22 10:36:48 AM
In Cape Town, where should I adopt a child? Thanks :) - if you wanna inbox me, go on my fb profile and send me a message via inbox. Appreciate that.
adoptingyou 2012/06/01 12:44:34 PM
I am confused, this article says logically speaking, its not forcing anyone into anything?? Why are people getting so upset? Its your right to have your own baby, nobody is against that..the writer is just saying if you consider all the kids out there, adoption seems to be a very good solution.