Should Charlize have adopted an African baby?

(Image: Getty images)

Twitter was abuzz with news this morning that our very own plaas meisie, Charlize Theron, had adopted a little boy.

Fantastic news for the 36-year-old actress, as this is her first child. The little boy's name is Jackson and besides the picture below (which is allegedly her baby), we have no other information.

The question on Twitter's lips was "should she have adopted an African baby?". A valid question, I guess, but does it really matter? Personally, I couldn't be bothered what nationality her baby is. What matters is that she adopted a little boy who needed a home, right?

There are those who feel differently though. What do you think?

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Cheryl 2012/03/15 10:06:14 AM
This picture was released a while ago with the information that this was a friend's child.
winston.mullany 2012/03/15 10:42:15 AM
Why does everyone have to adopt a black African baby???? I wouldn't, I would adopt a white baby. Why? Its my preference. Simple!
Johanie Willemse 2012/03/15 11:01:23 AM
Why do people always have to make everything a racial issue? That little boy needed a loving family and a place to call home. And that is what she is giving to him. A child is a child no matter what race,culture,religion, they all deserve all the happiness in the world whether they're pink, blue or green.
Mary Sadler-Altena 2012/03/15 11:11:24 AM
If she had adopted a German Shepherd puppy would there have been murmurs that it should rather have been a boerboel? Good for her if she is prepared to take on the lifelong responsibility of a child, any child, who needs a parent.
ludlowdj 2012/03/15 11:34:28 AM
who or what she adopts is no one business but her own, "Proudly South African!", hell people are starting to believe their own hype.
Amanda Felton 2012/03/15 12:03:32 PM
and these celebs only adopt kids to look good and thy want attention.
kenn.gibson 2012/03/15 12:06:33 PM
My wife and I have recently adopted a beautiful little african girl. Adoption of any child regardless of race or culture is important as we give children the oppurtunity to grow up in loving homes, and give them oppurtunities that they may not have had otherwise. Charlize adopting any child is awesome in my opinion, we need more people to adopt and give children a future.
Susan Paul 2012/03/15 12:11:30 PM
I don't see a problem, people can adopt across the racial barriers, it's their money, their lives, they are gonna live with consequences, who are we to judge.
grantcallaway 2012/03/15 12:36:31 PM
What a retarded article! If nothing else, if she was proudly South African, then she should have adopted a SOUTH AFRICAN baby - not an African one! Idiots!!
Genevieve KomboKitten Lesch 2012/03/15 12:43:05 PM
It really has nothing to do with us O_o