Child safety on the road

Important: Never place a child in the passenger seat if the airbag is active. Ask for a demonstration and make sure that you know how to fit the seat properly. You should be allowed to practise in the shop.

Infants to 4 years old
Children's necks are still growing and are weak. Add to this a head that, relative to the size of the body, is proportionately much bigger than that of an adult, and you can understand why a baby or toddler seat needs to face the rear of the car. This ensures that in the event of a crash, the forces are spread over the back and head, which reduces the load on the neck in fronta limpacts. It is beyond doubt the safest way for a baby to travel. If your toddler doesn't like facing the rear, place a mirror in such a way that she can see you and you can check on her at a glance.

Children 4-10 years old
Children's necks are stronger and they are now able to face the front. Their hip bones, however, are still underformed – the iliac crest that exists in adults is not yet fully developed. It is this part of the hip bone that prevents an adult's lower body from slipping forward under the seatbelt in the event of a collision.

A booster cushion guides the lap belt across the pelvis, as low as possible towards the thighs and not over the soft belly. The torso belt runs diagonally across the chest. It does not affect the child's safety if the torso belt rests on the child's neck, but if the safety belt is tucked under the arm or behind the back, the child is not as protected in an accident. Booster cushions come in different models and sizes, with or without a back rest. Some cars can be equipped with an integrated booster cushion.

Do you buckle-up your kids? Is it a set rule in your car?

LinEn4baby 2008/11/18 12:42:21 AM
With the current high statistics with regards to hijacking, what can one do to make sure your child is as safe as possible/reachable should it happen to you.
Chloe 2009/06/29 01:58:31 PM
It is a golden rule - my child will not travel in a car if he is not in a car seat. He can scream and shout and get upset because he is restrained - i just turn up the radio volume. Arguments that some people have is that their child doesn't like being restrained, i am sure they will eat those words when their child goes through the windscreen in an accident. I don't know how people can allow toddlers to stand on the seats when in the car and the front seat of all places. Don't these people love their children? And i often see a baby seat in cars, but the child is on the mother's lap or standing, it kills me. Who is to blame when the child dies in a car accident and it was not in a car seat? certainly not a driver of another car, but that childs parent.
Bron 2009/07/09 10:43:08 AM
About a week ago, I was distracted when putting my 16 month old daughter in the car and forgot to do up the car seat buckle. I was happily driving home, when she suddenly started calling out "Mommy, mommy! OUT!" I took a quick glance over my shoulder and saw what I'd done and pulled over and strapped her in properly, praising her for calling my attention to it. I felt dreadful thinking of what COULD have happened if we'd been in an accident. I'm FAR more vigilant now!
kate 2009/11/17 09:54:42 AM
and where exactly does one purchase a rear facing seat for a 19kg 3 year old. the only ones i have ever seen are front facing (and that is generally for 8 months up)
Jenniffer 2010/06/02 10:33:01 AM
I would like to know where is the right place to put your child in a car "in front or at the back seat"? I have a 11month old baby whom i put him in the front but not sure because the car seat it has options of front seat belt and back. And if he seat at the back where at the back as i would want to see him not turn my head because that's another thing of causing accidents.