It’s my party!

“There’ll be music and animals and straw and a barnyard and there’ll be balloons and a jumping castle and and and…” While all of this absolute madness goes on, little drooling Mikey sits on the floor as all good 9-month-old babies do.

You may think that Mikey’s mom, aunts, granny and the next door neighbour are planning someone’s 21st party – but no. They aren’t. They’re planning little Mikey’s 1st birthday party. And three months in advance.

I challenge them  to just come out and admit who the party is really for! It’s not for little Mikey because honestly he won’t remember a thing about it, and it’s not for Mikey’s little 1-year-old friends because they sure won’t remember it either. We all know little Mikey’s 1st birthday party is all about one person, and one person only – you!

But I have to do SOMETHING!

My father is infamous for his awesome birthday cakes and my sister Kim was on his case from before my nephew Luke had even exited the womb. She demanded an infamous cake for Luke’s big “1” and she got it too.

For some mothers the birthday party is about looking good in front of the other toddler’s moms from the nursery school but for most it’s aimed at creating that perfect picture memory scrap book (or photo album etc).

A family member of ours has a little boy exactly Luke’s age and he had the birthday party of a lifetime. Kiddies knee deep in sweet stuff and toys and the kids (as well as moms) loved it!

Luke, on the other hand, had two parties. One for the family where we all went to Spier (an amazing picnic spot) and chilled out, ate loads of food and Luke ran around on the grass in the sun with a bunch of other toddlers. The second one was for the congregation at our church which consisted of cake, coffee and lots of ‘oohing’.

So you see, Luke got his presents, we got our cake and mommy got to keep her cash and sanity – until next year!

Do you think first birthday parties are really that important? If so, why?

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Candice 2009/04/07 02:08:51 PM
I don't see the point in a big party for a 1 year old. My son is now 16 months old and he had a little 30 minute party at school where the "sweeties" were limited to half a cup cake per child and a handful of flings and rooibos tea. Daddy and I attended and took photo's for his album. It cost us 6 cupcakes and a bag of flings. Some may think it's cruel not to "go big" for the big 1, but at the end of the day, he missed out on nothing. He had a party, we have photo's and didn't have a sugar rushed child at the end.
gorgeous 2009/05/07 02:44:59 PM
I think it is important for the big1, He may not understand it but i belive when times goes on he will. my baby turns one and i am planning a big 1, just to celebrate and appreciate the privillages i had for the past year, having to watch him smilling, crying waking up at night.I really thinks he deserve it