Wife sued for ‘ugly’ baby

Image: via Shutterstock

A man was so revolted by the sight of his baby daughter that he couldn’t believe he was the father. According to the Examiner, the man couldn’t stand the sight of his daughter, and demanded to know why she looked nothing like her parents. That was when his wife admitted that she had had extensive plastic surgery prior to their marriage. The disgruntled dad then sued his ex-wife, claiming she “tricked him” and married him “under false pretences”. The laws in China being different to western laws, he won.

What is “ugly”, anyway?

We’ve taken a look at a picture of the baby, which can be seen on news sites, but won’t put it up here, as the baby is actually quite a pleasant-looking kid, and it’s not really fair to put up pictures of babies captioned “ugly baby”. If you must see the baby (and the before/after pics of his mom) you can check them out here. [Note: this story isn’t a new one, but has resurfaced after pics of the baby became available].

Perhaps the real issue was the man’s own insecurity rather than the appearance of his kid!

There’s the old joke that “all babies look like Winston Churchill”, and some babies do surprise their parents with the shapes of their heads (the cone-head after passing through the birth canal), but you’d have to be a pretty mean person to label a baby “ugly”.

Have you ever seen an ugly baby?
Bri 2012/10/30 01:48:24 PM
To be honest I know people where both mom and dad are good looking and the kids, well ... to be polite, not so good looking as well as couples who are less handsome have absolutely beautiful babies. So i think this whole thing is a load of rubbish and sis to the father but not surprised that he is from China. they don't like little girls anyway.
Louis 2012/11/03 04:11:03 PM
my wife better not read this- I was quite the prince charming when we got married but the other day I got a new ID book (after 20 yrs) and when I compared the 2 photos -she's now married to someone else!
Mulisa Makhalimela 2012/12/31 04:28:42 PM
this man is ryt 4 his democracy,if baby looks is differ wy cant u do the test,but he won,he was suspecting.cheating is good but smtyms is bad.amen
Kelebogile MamagaBasetsana Morake Trom 2013/01/14 07:32:38 AM
Dat man is a disgrace,all babies a gift from God.