Placenta art

Luzanne Marais 2012/10/29 12:58:19 PM
gross!!!!!!!!!! and i am a new mommy...what next??!!
EyesEars HandsFeet890 2012/10/29 05:00:28 PM
How do you "play" with another persons' human medical waste, make it into art and think it is "cool"? I have come to the conclusion that some people are really in NEED of psychological HELP!
Lynette Sirakis 2012/10/30 08:31:54 AM
Image 7 is quite remarkable - but still way to creeeeepy
Candy Cook 2014/07/16 11:26:07 AM
Some of those are just creepy, but each to their own, whatever floats your .... umbilical cord and placenta lol