Does Beyoncé make public breastfeeding cool?

(Image: Gettyimages)

The world of breastfeeding is buzzing and all it took was for Beyoncé to breastfeed her 7-week-old baby girl, Blue Ivy, in a restaurant.

According to, Beyoncé was sighted apparently breastfeeding Blue Ivy as they lunched with Jay-Z at New York City’s Sant Ambroeus restaurant.

Was Beyoncé making a statement as many lactivists hope or was she merely feeding her hungry baby? Does Beyoncé feeding her baby in a restaurant really make any difference to how people perceive public breastfeeding?

Apparently it does. sheds some light: "The simple, perhaps unwitting, decision to feed Blue Ivy at the table rather than retreat to a bathroom or other private location gave a huge boost to the cause of nursing in public, particularly for black women, who have significantly lower breast-feeding rates than white mothers."

How do you feel? Does Beyoncé taking a stand and breastfeeding in public change how you feel? Would you breastfeed in public if more celebs did so too?
pk.kekana 2012/03/08 11:14:01 AM
Well done Beyonce, I have done it
Nelson 2012/03/08 12:14:20 PM
Every Woman should be proud to breastfeed when the Baby is Hungry any where any time. I am a Proud Father who changes nappies for baby and find it exciting to be part of Parental care. I am proud of Beyonce' and I am proud of My Wife because she does the same.
lucia.ndaba 2012/03/08 03:27:21 PM
It's a norm amongst black women, so I see no big whoa ha about it!
gigibryant 2012/03/08 03:44:27 PM
women in Africa have been doing it forever...I did all my 4 beautiful babies and I was not even please don't make as though she invented breastfeeding in public
Lesego Medupe 2012/03/08 04:14:07 PM
Beyonce is only human guys,cut the poor woman some slack!
Terry Gardener 2012/03/08 11:23:15 PM
So she's a new mom and she's breastfeeding. Good for her. Why is Beyonce breastfeeding in public such big news? Leave the poor woman alone man.
Elle 2012/03/09 07:03:01 AM
I commend her for doing it,but im not that brave.
Philile Khanyile 2012/03/09 03:12:38 PM
come to africa, we breadfeed everywhere, why not? elighten me
Andrea Tomasicchio 2012/03/12 07:45:07 AM
I breastfed both my babies in public. Most of the time no one knew because it can be done discreetly. I am really annoyed at the women above who voted that they hate women who breastfeed in public. Shame on you! You don't have to agree with it, but you could be supportive. Thank you Beyonce for showing women that there is nothing wrong with it!
Rebecca.Keebine 2012/03/12 09:48:54 AM
I've have done it and am not ashamed of it...In fact i love breastfeedinging my baby anywhere anytime.